List of Alfred Tarski Lectures

2019 - Thomas Hales

  • A formal proof of the Kepler conjecture

  • Formalizing mathematics

  • Integrating with Logic

2018 - Hugh Woodin

  • Ultimate L

  • The HOD Dichotomy

  • The Ultimate L Conjecture

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2017 - Lou van den Dries

  • Model Theory as a Geography of Mathematics

  • Orders of Infinity and Transseries

  • Model Theory of Transseries: Results and Open Problems

2016 - William W. Tait

  • On Skepticism about the Ideal

  • Cut-Elimination for Subsystems of Classical Second-Order Number Theory: The Predicative Case

  • Cut-Elimination for Subsystems of Classical Second-Order Number Theory: Cut-Elimination for Π^1_1 − CA with the ω-Rule—and Beyond(?)

2015 - Julia Knight

  • Computability and complexity of mathematical structures

  • Comparing classes of countable structures

  • Computability and complexity of uncountable structures

2014 - Stevo Todorcevic

  • The Measurability Problem for Boolean Algebras

  • Chain-conditions of Horn-Tarski

  • Combinatorial and Set-theoretic Forcing

2013 - Jonathan Pila

  • Rational Points of Definable Sets and Diophantine Problems

  • Special Points and Ax-Lindemann

  • The Zilber-Pink Conjecture

2012 - Per Martin-Löf

  • Assertion and Inference

  • Propositions, Truth and Consequence

  • Tarski’s Metamathematical Reconstruction of the Notions of Truth and Logical Consequence

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2011 - Johan van Benthem

  • General Lecture: Exploring Logical Dynamics

  • Logic and Computation: Fine-structure and Invariance

  • Logic in Games

2010 - Gregory Hjorth

The Theory of Borel Equivalence Relations in Modern Set Theory

  • Cardinality and Equivalence Relations

  • Classification Problems in Mathematics

  • Borel Equivalence Relations: Dichotomy Theorems and Structure

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2009 - Anand Pillay

Compact Space, Definability, and Measures, in Model Theory

  • The Logic Topology

  • Lie Groups from Nonstandard Models

  • Measures and Domination

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2008 - Yiannis N. Moschovakis

Lectures on the Foundations of the Theory of Algorithms

  • Algorithms and Implementations

  • English as a Programming Language

  • The Axiomatic Derivation of Absolute Lower Bounds

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2007 - Harvey M. Friedman

Interpretations of Set Theory in Discrete Mathematics and Informal Thinking

  • Interpretations, According to Tarski.

  • Interpreting Set Theory in Discrete Mathematics: Boolean Relation Theory.

  • Interpreting Set Theory in Informal Thinking: Concept Calculus.


2006 - Solomon Feferman

Truth Unbound

The “Logic” Question

Real Computation

2005 - Zlil Sela

The Elementary Theory of a Free Group

Varieties Over Free Groups

AE Sentences and Quantifier Elimination

2004 - Alexander S. Kechris

New Connections Between Logic, Ramsey Theory, and Topological Dynamics

2003 - Ralph Nelson McKenzie

What is general algebra? (Three lectures)

2002 - Boris Zilber

Dimensions and homogeneity in mathematical structures

The fundamental trichotomy of Geometric Stability Theory, Zariski structures and Diophantine geometry

Pseudo-analytic structures and transcendental Number Theory

2001 - Ronald Jensen

On the Philosophical Foundations of Set Theory

Making cardinals w-Cofinal (Part 1)

Making cardinals w-Cofinal (Part 2)

2000 - Alexander Razborov

Complexity of Proofs and Computations

Interactive and Probabilistically Checkable proofs: A New Paradigm

Algebraic Proof Systems

1999 - Patrick Suppes

Invariance and Meaning

A Physical Model of the Brain’s Computation of Truth

1998 - Angus MacIntyre

Finite Fields and Model Theory

Nonstandard Frobenius Automorphisms

Logic and Intersection Theory

1997 - Menachem Magidor

The Future of Set Theory: Is Gödel’s Program Still Alive?

1996 - Ehud Hrushovski

Interpretations and Geometries

An Application to Diophantine Geometry

1995 - Hilary Putnam

PARADOX LOST? Truth and Hierachies

PARADOX LOST? Sets: Must It Be All or Nothing?

1994 - Michael O. Rabin

Trees, Decidability, and the Logic of Programs

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth: Zero Knowledge Proofs and User Authentication

1993 - Alec James Wilkie

On the Theory of the Real Field with Exponentiation and Other Analytic Functions

1992 - Donald A. Martin

Large Cardinals, Determinacy and the Role of Non-demonstrative

Evidence in Mathematics

1991 - Bjarni Jónsson

Boolean Algebras with Operators

1991 - H. Jerome Keisler

Model-Theoretic Forcing in Analysis

1990 - Willard Van Orman Quine

Reflections on Models and Logical Truth

1989 - Dana Stewart Scott

Wherein Lies the Foundations of Mathematics?

How Far Do We Need to Automate Proofs?

Can We Teach Geometry on the Computer?