Logic Library

The Group maintains an extensive collection of reprints, dissertations, project reports, course and seminar notes, and some other materials not generally available, in logic and the methodology of science. These items, now numbering over 5,000, as well as a small collection of key texts, monographs, and journals, are available in the Alfred Tarski Room (727 Evans Hall) for use by faculty and graduate students. The library catalog may be browsed online at


Each students course program is individually planned with the advice of the Graduate Adviser. Courses to suit the individuals needs and interests are selected from among offerings of the various departments of the University especially Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science. Regularly, a wide variety of courses and seminars are offered in the area of logic. Detailed information on courses in the various departments is included in the General Catalog.


There are usually a substantial number of postdoctoral visitors in the area of logic and the methodology of science in residence at Berkeley. Through their teaching of courses, participation in seminars, collaboration in research, talks at the Colloquium, and availability for discussion, these scholars greatly enrich the program.

Logic Colloquium

The Group conducts a Colloquium which generally meets biweekly. Reports on current research and scholarly work are given by members of the faculty, visitors, and graduate students. Recent Colloquium schedules may be found below. The Colloquium is intended to serve as a unifying common core of experience for Group students and faculty. Students are strongly urged to attend though, especially for beginning students, the talks may sometimes be difficult to follow in complete detail. The formal talks are usually followed by informal discussion and refreshments at the Logic Tea in the Alfred Tarski Room.

Tarski Lecture Series

Following the death of Group founder Alfred Tarski in 1983, an endowment fund was established in his memory. Using income from this fund a series of annual Alfred Tarski Lectures was inaugurated in 1989. Each spring an outstanding scholar in a field to which Tarski contributed is selected to come to Berkeley to meet with faculty and students and to deliver several lectures. For the schedule of past Tarski Lectures, see List of Alfred Tarski Lectures, below.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for logicians exist in teaching, in government, and in industry. Many graduates have entered an academic career, with a majority in departments of mathematics or philosophy. Many others do computer related work, especially in the Bay Area.