Chronological List of PhDs

Name Year Supervisor(s) Title
Cooper, William S. 1964 Adams A Formalization of the Logic of Ordinary Conditionals
Barnes, Robert F., Jr. 1965 Addison The Classification of the Closed-Open and the Recursive Sets of Number-Theoretic Functions
Chuaqui, Rolando B. 1965 Blackwell A Definition of Probability Based on Equal Likelihood
Hanna, Joseph F. 1965 Adams The Methodology of the Testing of Learning Models, with Applications to a New Stimulus Discrimination Model of Two-Choice Behavior
Causey, Robert L. 1967 Adams Derived Measurement and the Foundations of Dimensional Analysis
Reyes, Gonzalo E. 1967 Craig Typical and Generic Relations in a Baire Space for Models
LeTourneau, John J. 1968 Addison Decision Problems Related to the Concept of Operation
Laver, Richard J. 1969 McKenzie Order Types and Well-quasi-orderings
Sasso, Leonard P., Jr. 1971 R. W. Robinson Degrees of Unsolvability and Partial Functions
Tulloss, Rodham E. 1971 R. W. Robinson Some Complexities of Simplicity: Concerning the Grades of Simplicity of Recursively Enumerable Sets
Menas, Telis K. 1973 Solovay On Strong Compactness and Supercompactness
Burgess, John P. 1974 Silver Infinitary Languages and Descriptive Set Theory
McLelland, James E. 1974 Chihara Epistemic Logic and the Surprise Examination Paradox
Resek, Diane 1974 Henkin Some Results on Relativized Cylindric Algebras
Carlstrom, Ian F. 1975 Adams Truth and Entailment for a Vague Quantifier
Schaffter, Thomas L. 1975 Chihara On the Adequacy of a Nominalistic Mathematics for the Empirical Sciences
Mills, George H. 1977 Harrington Extensions of Models of Peano Arithmetic
Steel, John R. 1977 Addison Determinateness and Subsystems of Analysis
Manders, Kenneth L. 1978 Blum Studies in Applied Logic
Nash, Peter D. 1982 Harrington Reduction Theorems in Model Theory and Topology
Rooney, Phyllis A. 1982 Chihara Fregean Type Theory: Logical Aspects, Philosophical Implications, Historical Consequences
VanLiere, Mark B. 1982 Harrington Splitting the Reals into Two Small Pieces
Kadvany, John D. 1983 Sluga From Hegel to Lakatos: An Essay in Criticism and the Growth in Knowledge
Lin, Yutang 1983 Craig Replacement-closed Rules for Free and for Classical Logic
Stanley, Maurice C. 1984 Harrington A Unique Generic Real
McGee, Vann R. 1985 Chihara Truth and Necessity in Partially Interpreted Languages
Strohl, David L. 1985 Sluga The Logic of Edmund Husserl’s Logical Investigations
Ladkin, Peter B. 1987 McKenzie The Logic of Time Representation
Lavine, Michael A. 1988 Vaught Spector-Gandy and Generalized Reduction Theorems for Model-Theoretic Analogs of the Class of Coanalytic Sets
Manson, Keith S. 1989 Harrington Generalized Weyl Representations and the Quantization of Non-linear Hamiltonian Systems
Rawling, John P. 1989 Davidson Choice and Action: In Defense of Richard Jeffrey’s Logic of Decision
Ignjatovic, Aleksander D. 1990 Silver Fragments of First and Second Order Arithmetic and Length of Proofs
Bagaria, Joan P. 1991 McKenzie and Judah Definable Forcing and Regularity Property of Projective Sets of Reals
Vineburg, Susan N. 1991 Adams Conditionalization and Rational Belief Change
Gloor, James A. 1992 Harrington Locatability on Banach Spaces
Ray, Gregory B. 1992 Chihara and Neale Modal Identities and De Re Necessity
Hjorth, Gregory 1993 Woodin The Influence of N2
Bach, Craig N. 1995 Chihara Tarski and the Concept of Logical Consequence
Grosh, John H. 1995 Adams Inferential Validity in a Logic of Vague Predicates
Scheiffele, Eberhard 1995 Sluga Psychdrama Improvisation and Spontaneity: The Theatrical Theories and Influence of Moreno
Latting, Charles 1996 McKenzie Remarks on Residual Character
MacMillan, Paul S. 1996 Silver Some Results Concerning Scott and Peano-like Theories
Tash, Jonathan 1996 Zadeh and Russell Decision Theory Made Tractable: The Value of Deliberation, with Application to Markov Decision Planning
Choi, Byoung-il 1997 Sluga From Consistency to Incompleteness: A Philosophical Investigation of Hilbert’s Programme and Gödel’s Incompletenss Theorem
Dresner, Eli 1998 Neale Formal Semantics and the Algebraic View of Meaning
Heilmayr, Stephen R. 1998 Harrington Remarks on Graph Functions
Goldman, Randolph R. 2000 Chihara Gödel’s Ontological Argument
Ketchersid, Richard O. 2000 Woodin Toward ADR from the Continuum Hypothesis and an W1-Dense Ideal
Hansen, Bendek 2001 Chihara Causal Inference via Covariance Adjustment: Investigations on Model Uncertainty in Observational Studies
Lippe, David A. 2001 Slaman On the Theory of Δ_2^0 Degress
Zach, Richard 2001 Mancosu and Silver Hilbert’s Finitism: Historical, Philosophical, and Metamathematical Prespectives
Hales, Lisa 2002 Vazirani The Quantum Fourier Transform and Extensions of the Abelian Hidden Subgroup Problem
Kjos-Hanssen, Bjørn 2002 Slaman Lattice Initial Segments of the Turing Degrees
Goodwin, William M. 2003 Chihara Kant’s Philosophy of Geometry
Mirza, Omar A. 2003 MacFarlane and Sluga Naturalism and Darwin’s Doubt: A Study of Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism
Peretz, Assaf 2003 Harrington Geometry of Forking in Simple Theories
Liu, Andreas Jue-Der 2004 Woodin Self-Similarity at Singular Cardinals
Schneck, Robert R. 2004 Necula Extensible Untrusted Code Verification
Hafner, Johannes 2005 Chihara and Mancosu From Metamathematics to Philosophy: A Critical Assessment of Putnam’s Model-Theoretic Argument
Shi, Xianghui 2006 Woodin Prewellorderings vs. Wellfounded Relations
Franklin, Johanna 2007 Slaman Aspects of Schnorr Randomness
Goodrick, John 2007 Scanlon When are Elementarily Bi-embeddable Models Isomorphic?
Easwaran, Kenny 2008 Fitelson The Foundations of Conditional Probability
Gerdes, Peter 2008 Harrington Moduli of Computation
Huntington, Galen 2008 Fitelson Towards an efficient decision procedure for the existential theory of the reals
Johnson, Ben 2008 Harrington Upper and Lower Bounds for Recursive Fourier Sampling
Cariani, Fabrizio 2009 MacFarlane The Semantics of ‘Ought’ and the Unity of Modal Discourse
Malliaris, Maryanthe 2009 Scanlon Persistence and Regularity in Unstable Model Theory
Sargsyan, Grigor 2009 Steel The Tale of Hybrid Mice
Pal, Koushik 2011 Scanlon Uniform Theory of Multiplicative Valued Difference Fields
Rennet, Alex 2012 Scanlon Ultraproducts of O-minimal Structures
Bledin, Justin 2013 MacFarlane Logic Informed
Harrison-Shermoen, Gwyneth 2013 Scanlon Independence Relations in Theories with the Tree Property
Herbert, Ian 2013 Slaman Weak Lowness Notionso for Kolmogorov Complexity
Allen, Kelty 2014 Slaman Martin-Löf Randomness and Brownian Motion
Tilley, Arthur 2014 Scanlon N Angry Men
Valby, Lawrence 2015 Scanlon Some Case Studies in Algebra Motivated by Abstract Problems of Language
Harrison-Trainor, Matthew 2017 Montalban The Complexity of Countable Structures
Wan, Michael 2017 Scanlon Towards a model theory of almost complex manifolds
Voellmer, Andreas 2017 Steel A Partial Characterization of κ for Plus-One Premice
Kocurek, Alexander W. 2018 Holliday and Yalcin What Can You Say? Measuring the Expressive Power of Languages
Ramsey, Nicholas 2018 Scanlon Independence, Amalgamation, and Trees
Ahmed-Buehler, Russell 2019 Buchak A Logical Theory of Confirmation
Fremont, Daniel 2019 Seshia Algorithmic Improvisation
Moody, James 2019 Slaman Computable Continuous Structure Theory
Yamamoto, Kentaro 2020 Holliday Duality for Boolean Algebra Expansions and Its Applications
Walsh, James 2020 Montalban Reflection Principles and Ordinal Analysis
Ding, Yifeng 2021 Holliday Propositional Quantification and Comparison in Modal Logic
Dale, Reid 2022 Scanlon Logical Interrogations of Theory and Evidence