Graduate Placement

Lawrence Valby (Ph.D. 2015). Some Case Studies in Algebra Motivated by Abstract Problems of Language.

[2015] Postdoc at Indiana University (Mathematics)

Arthur Tilley (Ph.D. 2014). N Angry Men.

[2014] Data scientist at LeanTaas, Santa Clara

Kelty Allen (Ph.D. 2014). Martin-Löf Randomness and Brownian Motion.

[2014] Microsoft, Seattle

Ian Herbert (Ph.D. 2013). Weak Lowness Notions for Kolmogorov Complexity.

[2013] Postdoc at the National University of Singapore (Mathematics)

Gwyneth Harrison-Shermoen (Ph.D. 2013). Independence Relations in Theories with the Tree Property.

[2013] Postdoc at University of Leeds (Mathematics)

Justin Bledin (Ph.D. 2013). Logic Informed.

[2013] Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University (Philosophy)

Alex Rennet (Ph.D. 2012). Ultraproducts of O-minimal Structures.

[2012] Tenure track Assistant Professor (teaching), University of Toronto (Mathematics)

Koushik Pal (Ph.D. 2011). Uniform Theory of Multiplicative Valued Difference Fields.

[2011] Data scientist for Sysomos, Toronto

Grigor Sargsyan (Ph.D. 2009). The Tale of Hybrid Mice.

[2009] Assistant Professor at Rutgers University (Mathematics)

Maryanthe Malliaris (Ph.D. 2009). Persistence and Regularity in Unstable Model Theory.

[2009] Associate Professor at the University of Chicago (Mathematics)

Fabrizio Cariani (Ph.D. 2009). The Semantics of ‘Ought’ and the Unity of Modal Discourse.

[2009] Assistant Professor at Northwestern University (Philosophy)

Ben Johnson (Ph.D. 2008). Upper and Lower Bounds for Recursive Fourier Sampling.

[2008] Postdoc at UC Berkeley’s School of Information

Galen Huntington (Ph.D. 2008). Towards an efficient decision procedure for the existential theory of the reals.

Peter Gerdes (Ph.D. 2008). Moduli of Computation.

[2008] Postdoc at the University of Notre Dame (Mathematics)

Kenny Easwaran (Ph.D. 2008). The Foundations of Conditional Probability.

[2008] Associate Professor at the University of Texas A&M (Philosophy)

John Goodrick (Ph.D. 2007). When are Elementarily Bi-embeddable Models Isomorphic?.

[2007] Associate Professor at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá (Mathematics)

Johanna Franklin (Ph.D. 2007). Aspects of Schnorr Randomness.

[2007] Assistant Professor at Hofstra University (Mathematics)

Xianghui Shi (Ph.D. 2006). Prewellorderings vs. Wellfounded Relations.

[2006] Assistant Professor at Bejing Normal University (Mathematics)