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Dates & Deadlines

Meeting Dates: March 24–27, 2011
Abstract Submission Deadline: Dec. 3, 2010

    Conference Banquet

    Where? International House Auditorium
    When? Saturday, March 26 at 7:00pm
    How Much? $15 for students, $35 for non-students
    Purchase tickets at the registration desk (8-9am, 12:30-2pm) or directly from Alex Rennet.
    For menu and more information, see here.

Local Information

Weather & local transportation

Berkeley is going to be cloudy and rainy this whole week. Temperatures at this time is going to average around 55F (Fahrenheit) during the day and 40F at night.

Berkeley is served by AC Transit agency, BART and two major airports. Learn more »

UC Berkeley is on the East side of the San Francisco bay, just a short drive or quick BART ride to the city. Napa & Sonoma, Highway 1, and many other destinations are short trips from Berkeley.
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Plenary Speakers

  • Ryan Williams
  • Aldo Antonelli
    (UC Davis)
  • Laurent Bienvenu
    (CNRS Paris 7)
  • Lou van den Dries
  • Deirdre Haskell
  • Justin Moore
  • Christian Rosendal
  • Neil Thapen
  • Simon Thomas

Retiring Presidential Address

Satellite Meeting

Jennifer Chubb is organizing a Workshop in Computability Theory at University of San Francisco on March 22-23. Details of the same can be found at

Special Sessions

  • Denability throughout Mathematical Logic - in honor of Leo Harrington
    (Theodore Slaman & John Steel)
  • Hilbert
    (Wilfried Sieg)
  • Model Theory
    (David Marker)
  • Philosophy of Mathematics
    (John Burgess)
  • Set Theory
    (Ernest Schimmerling)